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About navigate_next

As a crazy fan of .io games, there is no reason why you should miss a brand-new game with a unique concept, right? Set your feet to the main screen of and start participating in a huge war of brave samurais right now!

  • Since you’re in the .io world, your biggest goal is to gain the highest position in the ranking. To complete it successfully, make sure you decimate all rivals on the way and build the best sword.
  • First of all, learn how to move around by moving the mouse cursor. Then tap the left mouse or spacebar to use the sword for blading the others. Please perform quickly and skillfully to kill as many enemies as possible. But, if you’re in danger, use dash by clicking on the right mouse or W key to run away instantly.
  • As a newbie, you need to practice before penetrating into the battle. You MUST do it or you will DIE, got it?
  • Aside from destroying the enemies, bear in mind to kill and collect jelly blobs to make your sword become longer. The longer sword will increase your attacking range. Sounds awesome, right? In addition, whenever beating any enemy or slashing yellow mobile objects, you are able to get a large number of blobs as well.
  • In general, all aim at the highest position on the leaderboard. And when you get a crown on your head, that means your task is successful. However, don’t be off your guard or the others can kill you and take the crown back. Therefore, you need to try your best to keep the crown as long as possible.
Played 180 times
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