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Get On Top

401 plays
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Before learning about gameplay, prominent features, how to play, as well as the tips and tricks of this game, let's learn a bit about the game author. Surely his profile will make you surprise!

As mentioned above, Bennett Foddy is a video game developer. He was born in 1978 and grew up in Australia. Developing games is one of the biggest passions in his life, however, Foddy is trained as a moral philosopher on topics of drug addiction. Both his dad and mom were academics and be trained to become a philosopher, it seems as Foddy is not much related to the development of games. However, after that, he realized his passion for developing games and decided to teach himself to program and design games in 2006.

His first game is a flash game named as Too Many Ninjas that was created in 2007. After that, he continuously released various other games in which the most popular game is QWOP.

About the game Get on Top, it is the seventh game of Foddy and he made it in 2012.


The fact that get on top is a 1 on 1 fighting game. In this game, there are 2 characters with different colors. They are holding each other’s hands and in position to wrestle each other to the ground. Your goal is to control your character and defeat your opponent by making your opponent’s head hit the floor before yours do.

The hard part about this game is that you can only make your character either push forward, pull back or jump up and while performing these actions, both your hands and your opponent’s hands are stuck together, so if you’re not careful then you may end up making your own head hit the floor before your opponent’s head does.

Though this game is simple to play, you’ll have to pay attention to details such as your current angle, the amount of force you’re applying (the longer you hold the button that performs an action, the more force you’ll create for that action) and combine moves together as effectively as you can if you want to win.

Each time you make your opponent’s head touch the floor, you’ll receive 1 point and vice versa, all the way until one of you reaches 11 points in which case that person is the winner.

Played 401 times
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