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Forgotten Hill: Surgery

281 plays
About navigate_next Forgotten Hill: Surgery

Welcome to Forgotten Hill: Surgery, an awesome horror, point and click, and puzzle video game, developed and published by FM Studio. You had an accident and you wake up in a cool and horror room. A nurse told you that the colonel will operate you in minutes. You don’t remember anything but you know that you have to escape this place as soon as you can.

In this game, you have to click on any objects in the map to solve the puzzles and escape this horror dangerous place. You will see a board on the wall. Just click on it and you will see the rules of Surgery Clinic: Obey the nurse, don’t prey, don’t look in the mirrors, don’t talk with patients, follow the rules, and don’t leave the room.

But you know, you need to click on the door and leave the room immediately. Then you need to memorize the symbols, solve the puzzle, get the keys, open some rooms and get some items. You have an inventory at the bottom of the game screen to store your items. With scary sound, beautiful graphics, and engaging storyline, Forgotten Hill: Surgery is one of the best horror games that you should try. Good luck!

  • Use the left click to play this horror video game.
Played 281 times
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