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Flappy Bird

223 plays
About navigate_next Flappy Bird

Flappy Bird is a recreational game that requires the player to be really careful. In this game, you control a yellow bird as it tries to make its way pass the green pipes, with every green pipe that you pass giving you 1 point. If you notice, the green pipes in this game look very similar to the green pipes in the Mario games, but now the only difference is that you have to avoid them instead of going into them.

Remember that the bird will fall down if you don’t continuously click on the mouse to make the bird flap its wings. Time your mouse clicks carefully so that the bird will neither drop to the floor nor hit any of the green pipes.

Different from other games, what makes this game interesting is its challenges and difficulty. You’ll have to be precise in aiming the distance between the bird and the pipes and time your clicks in for the bird to jump past the pipes as every time the bird jumps, it reaches the same height and goes at the same pre-determined arc.

As one of the top games in the world, Flappy Bird is a truly addicting game that has been played by many individuals all around the world. This version of Flappy Bird also lets you share your score on social media pages so that you can show off your score to your friends and colleagues... Try to get the highest score that you can, win medals and put your score onto the online leaderboard.

Recently we also find out a version Flappy Bird Multiplayer or Flappy Bird io version, it’s called And if u want, u can play with many players.


Use the left mouse to make the bird flap its wings.

Played 223 times
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