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At first glance, you will discover some similar objectives between and For instance, you have to eat food or other opponents and develop your animal to gain the first position of the leaderboard. So, where is the difference? It’s just all about various animals.

Start with one of four available ones in Tier 1 including Fish, Blobfish, Worm, or Piranha and then move around to look for food. Bear in mind that this is the first important goal to help you fulfill your own XP bar (at the bottom of the screen). Whenever it is full, the animal will evolve to another one. For instance, if you choose the Fish, it will turn into a Crab with new abilities such as walking on islands or hiding in the bushes. With a total of 10 Tiers , you need to overcome each to attain the highest evolvement. Additionally, beware of an oxygen meter because some animals can’t breathe under water like seagulls; though they can fly above the water.

Another critical thing is about food . As the game develops, you might catch numerous kinds that can grow, heal the animals and even help them stay warm and breathe in the ocean. But, when you’re just a small fish, please avoid other huge animals as they can kill you instantly. In case that you are being hunted, try to use your hide and seek skills from childhood or your rapid movements to get away or available terrains to conceal.

Time to prepare yourself and reach the final win that requires! Prove your best ability in surviving now!


Move your mouse and then the animal will travel to. Click the left mouse to jump. Or if you have a boost bar, don’t forget to tap the mouse to gain a speed boost when you’re in the air or ocean. And depending on each different animal, you can own a few particular abilities.

Played 530 times
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