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Dark Cut 3

341 plays
About navigate_next Dark Cut 3

Dark Cut 3 is the latest in organ transplantation from Armor Games with the author jmtb02. In the sequel to Dark Cut 1 and 2, this time takes a science fiction angle, travel time with a historical perspective. The soundtrack of this game was created by MaestroRage.

“One of the most original flash games I've played. The story is well thought out and the gameplay is very fun. This game has a bit more of a philosophical spin on it compared to the other Dark Cut games and I think that adds to what makes this game so cool. I'm really hoping they continue with this series.” - newgrounds

The game brings you the same powerful action you once enjoyed. Due to the graphic depiction of human anatomy, including broken limbs and gore, this game is only recommended for mature players.

The world of medicine is not for timid people, and in times of war, things can really scare you.

You will revive your family tree by operating on family members from the past because many members of your family died in the war or other causes.

You need to complete five surgeries and three treatments in the game, along with four achievements and an Easter egg.

Your patients only have a certain amount of health, so you must act fast and careful not to cut or sew any part of them outside the designated area or you will hasten their collapse instead of blocking it.

Most of the scenes take place during a war, so sound and images will distract you and make you stress out.

Instead of forcing you to go through a series of line scenes like the last two games, this game has a branching structure modeled after a genetic tree. You need to complete all the missions to win this game.

Simple walkthrough: You will hold down the mouse button and sweep it over flashing squares or dotted-line areas to perform different parts of an operation, from wound cleaning to placing a cast, to weaving the stitches. You will perform tasks and remember to sedate the patient.

  • You will use a mouse to perform tasks and interact in the game.
Played 341 times
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