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Bellum: Stellae

199 plays
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Bellum:Stellae is a strategy online multiplayer game, in which your mission is to fight for the honor of your space empire.

Developed by Bellum Games, this is a new interstellar territory capture game. The game is the multiplayer online battle arena, which is filled with strategy and intellectual tactics.

There are two main missions for every player: fight to upgrade their own territories and conquer the enemy.

From a base star, which produce 100 MP every second, you can use MP to expand your territory.

Click on a cell around the base star to buy it. The further the cell is from your base cell, the more it costs. You can conquer a new cell if your attack cooldown is fully filled.  Conquer a new cell reveals every other cells around it.

The opponents can conquer cells around you. If your cells are separated from your stars they become inactive.

Unit cards produce MP over time and can also give you passive abilities. If you have enough MP for a card, its outline is fully filled with green.

Spell cards have some special effects, which can turn the match to your side.

There are the victory cards. One is from your deck, one is from your opponent’s, and one is random. If you complete one of them, you win the battle!

Bellum:Stellae also brings players exciting PvP games or competing for the best time on a specific boss to unlock items.

The items to be unlocked are various from special avatars to skins and more!

  • 1, 2, 3, 4 are unit keys.
  • W S D A or arrow keys to move.
  • Press Q, E, R as spell keys.
Played 199 times
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