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Instruction is an interesting online flash web space-shooter game. The game is designed so that you can compete against other players online.

In this game, you control an odd-looking round spaceship. Your goal here is to destroy the other player spaceships and achieve a high score.

The interesting thing about this game is that if you hold the mouse, you’ll fire more powerful shots. However, you need to choose the perfect firing angle because your ship as well as other players’ ships will move automatically. You can also use an ability that lets you speed up when you’re in a difficult situation, but you can’t use it continuously.

You should be careful of the meteorites in the map as they can block your shots. You’ll see that when you’re shooting, you kind of have a first-person perspective which gives it more appeal for players.

The game has other features to support the player such as being able to choose a skin for your ship (the skins you can obtain by completing missions), name your ship... There is also an online leaderboard that shows the top 10 players with the highest scores in the game to increase competitiveness between players.

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Continue performing your mission to conquer the universe in, guys! If you’re too familiar with online multiplayer space battle .io games like or, you will find that this cool game is totally different. Be enthusiastic to uncover, right? Here we go!

How to play

  • Truly, this game requests the same objective; that is, acquire and maintain the top spot in the ranking as long as possible. But, the action is totally unique. You will direct a sphere via moving the mouse cursor so that it can fly freely. Make sure you practice a lot before beginning or you might run into difficulties because this sphere can turn 720 degrees.
  • Until feeling enough confident, let’s guide this sphere to fly around and collect dots for increasing its mass or fly near other spheres to drain their mass. However, be careful when trying coming close to any sphere. If not, you will be eaten and the game will be over instantly.
  • Remember to notice an indicator that the game gives to help you determine which sphere is dangerous and which one is safe. Or observe the spheres’ colorful outline such as Red (risky) and Green (not risky). If the red spheres come close to you, be quick to boost the speed by hitting the left mouse or W to get away from them. Or in case you want to gobble up the green sphere, increasing the speed is necessary.
  • How about the yellow spheres? Although they’re harmless, avoid crashing against them at any cost. For instance, if your sphere is moving with a high speed, don’t forget to stop it by holding the right mouse or S.
  • The more you play, the better you can predict other sphere’s trajectories. Relying on that, you can avoid being absorbed. So, don’t worry about losing at the very first beginning because this game offers a different gameplay like the others.
  • Just do your best and you can finish everything in well with the best result. Good luck to you, guys!

Tips and tricks

  1. If you want to fly straight ahead, just place the mouse cursor in the center of the screen.
  2. It’s best to activate each short speed boost because the long boosts will decrease lots of mass.
  3. If someone is chasing you, be quick to hide behind the large spheres which are safe to you.
  4. Be free to change your sphere’s skin to become stunning.


Played 174 times
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