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You are a big fan of Minecraft or Super Mario Brothers? Then you should try the great big combination of those two legendary games which is named Minecraft Super Mario Edition. The game was created by 4J Studios with the latest HTML5, which helps you to play the game on any modern web browser as long as you have the internet with you. How fun and exciting, right?

The game offers you to save your progress, now you can easily pause the game and start it again from where you save. In this game, you are able to find various things which are related to the world of Mario. Minecraft Super Mario Edition allows you to shape the world as your wish. You are free to create your home or buildings such as castles. With Minecraft Super Mario Edition, everything is in your hand.

The game offers a perfect Adventure gameplay, which features Smooth mechanisms that help you to mine and place things, Throwing items, Planting Trees and even more. If you are used to the amazing game world of Minecraft, you will find it even better with the Mario-themed gameplay. The game easily satisfies even the hardest players, so take you chance and enjoy the game now!



As you know, most of the .io games are for everyone. But, in case you want to look for a typical game that is for girls only, will be your best choice. Don’t waste time anymore! Land on here and enjoy now!

How to play

  • You need to familiarize yourself with a small and cute unicorn and then try to grow this mythical horse so that it can help you attain the top position on the leaderboard. Of course, I will guide you how to do, girls.
  • First of all, learn to control the unicorn by moving the mouse cursor around the screen.
  • Then guide it towards symbols of hearts and drag them to a love temple. Each heart that is put in the temple successfully will give you a valuable score. However, avoid bringing too many hearts at the same time because they might fall easily.
  • Since you’re in the .io world, the next action is to attack other unicorns. Do you recognize a beautiful horn on the unicorn’s head? Just tap on the left mouse and the unicorn will use it to kill the opponent that you’re going to aim.
  • Keep in mind that you need to do continuously until your opponent’s health bar decreases to zero. Don’t only perform one hit and leave because they can restore by collecting the hearts.
  • Of course, you should be on your guard all the times because the others can attack suddenly.
  • All above are basic things so that you can follow to implement the main task well. In my opinion, if you want to attack effectively, try to search for those who are carrying the hearts towards the temple. Or to protect your unicorn, staying close to the borders to attack and collect the hearts is a nice idea.
  • After all, never forget that climbing up to the highest place and maintaining it as long as possible is your biggest request. Think that how long can you survive and will you turn your unicorn into the biggest one successfully? It’s time to make a move, girls! Good luck to you!

Tips and tricks

  1. Eye a mini-map to determine where the nearest love temple is and be quick to come there.
  2. Take advantage of white clouds to hide the unicorn.
  3. Collecting the hearts also helps to build up the strongest horn.
  4. Be free to change the unicorn’s appearance on the welcoming screen.


Played 190 times
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