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Will you become a Warrior, Rogue, or Mage in As a new, addictive 2D top-down shooting game on .io game list, be free to play it online or download on any device and then enjoy a crazy battle with lots of great actions.

There are numerous lobbies to join or you can create one with different maps such as Dungeon, Hideout, Glade, Cove, Courtyard, and Throne. Remember that each map gives your chosen character amazing abilities (play to know as I won’t spoil anymore). Moreover, the game has a big SURPRISE. That is to collect much gold in a limited time. Is it too easy for the shooting game in the .io series? Of course, not because you have to face up with other players who have the same objective. And the true thing is that everybody is eager for attacking each other.

Start moving around the map to look for big chests with gold and some Pickups Points to grab powerful weapons and awesome power-ups at the same time. Although the main request is to gather as much gold as possible, the weapons are quite important to attack the enemies and protect your character while the power-ups give useful skills.

Ah! Don’t forget another important thing when fighting against other players. Avoid using the weapons frequently and always take care of your character’s stamina. Since every action (shooting or using the skill) consumes the stamina, if it reaches zero, the game will be over right away. Therefore, you should spend a bit of time on recovering the character’s stamina. Especially, when seeing an arrow towards the chest, be quick to reach there and catch 12 gold and a healing potion. Or defeating any player to get gold is also a nice idea. But, avoid overdoing since you might die soon.

Think that you can finish with the excellent result? If you believe yourself, just jump into the main screen and play. Or enter here  in order to discover some good strategies. Don’t hesitate anymore! Let’s explore, all game addicts!

  • The arrow keys or WASD buttons are to guide the character.
  • If you want to run or dodge, just double tap on the left arrow key or D button.
  • To jump, hit Spacebar.
  • The left mouse is to attack while the right one is to block.
  • To make use of the weapons or skills, just hit E button.
Played 192 times
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