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Through Abandoned 2: Forest

2,164 plays
About navigate_next Through Abandoned 2: Forest

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About Through Abandoned 2: Forest

Through Abandoned 2: Forest is the second part of this point and click series, developed by Igor Eugene Smolkin, Krutov and Alexander Ahura. In this game you control a character that has amnesia and your task is to discover everything in the forest to retrieve your memories. With interesting gameplay and simple graphics, you will find some fun moments when playing this game.

At the start of the game, you will see a door in front of you. All around you are snow and cold winds. The only option you have is to open the door. Behind the door is a strange world that you’re going to have to explore, along with a headache that is constantly tormenting you. Are you curious about this game?

You have an inventory. Each time you collect an item, you should store it in your inventory for use as needed. As a newbie, you have to click on any object in the map that you find suspicious to check on it. You need to remember the effects when you click on an object in the map, which is a good strategy to solve the puzzles and complete the game.

You can click on the top, bottom and sides of the game screen to move to other areas. This game has no time limit, so you can play more comfortably. Through Abandoned 2: Forest also has many interesting things waiting for you to explore. Good luck and have fun!

How to Play:

  • Use mouse to control in this game.

Tips and Tricks:  

  1. You can play the game in full screen mode.
  2. At the bottom of the game screen there is a black arrow, you can click on it to open your inventory.
  3. If you get stuck, you can click the Walkthrough button to see the tutorial.

Unblocked Game: 

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You now have all the information you need, so enter Unblocked Through Abandoned 2: Forest, click on the objects that you find suspicious to solve the puzzle and regain your memories. Play now!

Played 2,164 times
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