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Super Sneak

135 plays
About navigate_next Super Sneak

Super Sneak is an action game developed by Alina Forsh and Vladislav Forsh.

The game’s plot is that Rusty (the character that you play as) has proposed to Sophie but Sophie temporarily declines and gives you a list of items that she wants you to get for her before she will continue with the marriage. These items are however very expensive and so Rusty comes up with an idea and becomes a robber.

Your objective is to help Rusty steal all the money in each stage without being detected and swiftly escape into a black car.

The game has a total of 20 levels for you to beat. In each level, you have to deal with cops that have flashlights in hand so try to not get detected by the flashlights. In the event that you are found, the cops will run after you but you can run away and take advantage of when the flashlight’s light is obscured to escape or you can hide in the trash cans to get pass the cops.

In each stage, there is money scattered everywhere and there are also lock doors that you can proceed to and unlock to get the money inside but it will take a few seconds to unlock a door. However, a few houses require tools to get in so you’ll have to run to the store and steal the tools before you’re able to get in to the houses.

At the 5, 10, 15 and 20 level marks, you’ll come across trucks carrying money to the bank. Wait until the trucks finish putting all the money into the bank so you can steal it all.

The money that you stole can be used to buy the items that Sophie requested (11 items).

If you’re a fan of this type of game, you can also play others games with a similar play style such as Square Hero Origins, Bob The Robber 2…


The game mostly requires you use the mouse.

Played 135 times
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