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Super Mario 63

56 plays
About navigate_next Super Mario 63

As mentioned above, your main mission in this game is to explore the Mushroom Kingdom. In detail, you will control Mario and overcome all the obstacles on your way. There will be signs consisting of useful information to help you on this journey. At each stage there are many signs and you have to read all of them. You will also see familiar enemies, such as Goomba, Koopa, bomb monsters etc. You can jump on Goomba to destroy it, spin to attack bomb monsters and collect the gold coins. Try to collect as many gold coins as you can. Besides that, this game also brings you lots of new and interesting experiences such as stomping in the air to break the blocks or doing triple jump to cross high slopes, etc.

In general, in this game, all you need to do is reading the signs to get information and control your Mario to overcome all obstacles. There is no time pressure, so, you can experience the game comfortably. However, if you touch enemies, you will lose HP. When your HP drops to zero, you will die.

Level designer

Level Designer is a place on the main menu of this game and it's quite interesting. With this feature, players can create their own levels and other stuff, place enemies, obstacles, tiles, etc. In general, players can create a special level for them in Level Designer. In addition, if they want to publish their own level, they must be a member of  Runouw.

How to Play

  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Use Z to read signs.
  • Spin Attacking by pressing X.
  • Stomp by pressing Z in the air.

Tips and Tricks:

  • Read all signs to get hint to overcome the next obstacles.
  • You can play Super Mario 63 full screen to get the best experience.
  • When jumping, you can hold up arrow key for maximum height.
  • Press C to hover upwards.
  • Hover Fludd can be used to regain balance if you slip off a platform high in the air
  • In the right corner of the game screen is the water meter.
  • In case you get trouble with the Z key, let's try pressing ALT + SHIFT.
  • If you get stuck at any level, let’s watch our walkthrough video below to know to how pass.
  • You can customize the quality of graphics in this game by clicking option on the menu screen. There are 4 levels of quality including low, medium, high, and best. Playing game in the best quality of graphics will bring the best experience.
Played 56 times
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