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Instruction is an awesome fast-paced online role-playing game. This game brings you to an interesting environment with platforms, jumping, and stomp elements. In this game, you control a cute character. You can’t walk, but you can jump, and you jump rapidly. Your task is to jump on the other players’ head and avoid to be stomped.

You can’t stop jumping, but you can move to the left or the right. In the map there are many platforms that you can use as your shields or your weapons. Each time you jump on the head of your opponents, they will die and you got the points. Stay away from the bottom of the screen because it is not safe for you.

Remember that you can use the smash drop attack. Use it wisely to defeat your enemies. In the map there are many stars that you can eat. The more stars you eat, the bigger you become. After killing an enemy, you can eat their stars. Now, it’s time to enter this fun game. Good luck, my friend!

  • Use the mouse to control your cute character.
  • Left click to smash drop attack.
Played 146 times
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