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Instruction is an online flash web action game with simple graphics and a simple play style but brings interest and appeal to players.

In this game, you move your character around a tight square space which has many characters with a similar shape as yours moving around inside it. These other characters can be controlled either by the computer or by other players.

Your objective in the game is to figure out and kill the real players. When you kill a real player, you’ll receive points. Note that if 2 players kill each other at the same time then none of the two will die. Also you should pay attention to your target as you’ll receive more points if you kill your target.

An interesting feature of the game comes from the stamina bar. At the beginning of a match, you’ll start out with 100 stamina. When you kill someone during the day time, it’ll cost 50 stamina, and if you do it during the night, it’ll cost 25 stamina. The less stamina you have, the slower you’re movement will become. The stamina will regenerate on its own overtime.

Pay attention to the time of day because each time period lasts 60 seconds. During the day time, you can see the entire map, but during the night time, you can only see what’s around you.

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  • Use left mouse to move.
  • Use right mouse or space to kill someone.
Played 57 times
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