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SpaceBlaster 2: Orbit War

142 plays
About navigate_next SpaceBlaster 2: Orbit War

SpaceBlaster 2: Orbit War is truly a cool fast-paced and shooting game. This game offers you some great elements like asteroids, space, photons, and fighters… In this game, you control a fighter and your task is to destroy all the enemies in outer space. You will play with other online players from all around the world.

When you enter the game, nothing can touch you in 10 seconds, or until you shoot and move. Each time you shoot an enemy, you will have 1 point as well as 10 points by destroying an enemy. Try to get the 1st Rank on the leader board and hold it as long as you can. Your fighter has a shield which can protect you from the enemy or the photons. You can shoot the asteroid to improve the shield.

You have to control your fighter wisely. The outer space has many Sectors, and you can use them to locate the enemies. Sometimes, you will see the super weapons, then try to get them as soon as possible. There are 3 super weapons in this game: Homing Photon, Plasma Bomb, and Cloaking Device. Now, do try this game and discover the use of these super powers. Have a nice day!

  • Use W A D or up, left, right arrow keys to move.
  • Use the left mouse or Space to fire.
  • Use S or down arrow key to drop your bombs.
Played 142 times
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