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Papa's pastaria

116 plays
About navigate_next Papa's pastaria

Papa’s Pastaria is a recreational game for all ages with a cute art style developed by Matt Neff and Tony Solary from Flipline Studio. In this game, you play either as a guy (Doan), a girl (Utah) or you could create your own character through the Create a Custom Worker feature.

When you begin the game, you get to watch an introductory video about the game: your friends, Edorado and Olga have decided to get married and invited you to attend their wedding at Portallini. You agree to participate their wedding. When you try to book a room there for springtime, there are no available rooms so you decide to book a room at any season and you find out that there is 1 available room. However, later on when you receive a parcel from the post office, you’re shocked to learn that you’ve booked incorrectly as instead you’ll be going to Portallini to work at Papa’s Pastaria. Your job now is to fulfill your duties in this store.

The procedures in the stall are divided into 4 main sections:

  • Order Station: Write down the customer’s order onto the order ticket.
  • Cook Station: Choose the correct type of pasta that the customer wants and boil it. Remember to time it precisely so that the pasta will be delicious and put it onto the plate after you dry it up.
  • Build Station: Add the sauce to the pasta following the customer’s request. Remember to add the correct amount of sauce to get a high score. Then add the spices and food onto the pasta plate according to what the customer wants.
  • Bread Station: cook the bread how the customer wants it and complete the order.

After the customers finish eating your pastas, you’ll be critiqued based on the 4 categories above, and the higher the score, the more tips you’ll receive as well as minigame tickets which can be used to obtain items from minigames like decorations for the stall, clothing for your character... while the tip can be used to buy equipment to help cook faster, stall decorations as well or accessories for yourself...

Each day you’ll serve a certain number of customers and after serving them, you’ll receive Points that once you have enough will make your Rank increase. Also when you begin a new day, you’ll serve new customers as well as unlock new ingredients.

There are also other titles in the series for you to play like PAPA'S DONUTERIA, PAPA'S CHEESERIA…


You use the mouse to perform most of the processes in the game.

Played 116 times
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