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Pac Xon Deluxe

131 plays
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Pac Xon Deluxe is an action game in the popular Pac-Man series of Namco Bandai. However, in the web version of the flash, Pac Xon Deluxe will bring players a new breath with a very unique way of playing.

The game has 50 stages, and each stage has the same map as a rectangular space. The character we will be controlling is Pac Xon with the special ability that the Pac Xon line passes through to form a closed area where the closed space becomes a wall. Your task in the game is to control Pac Xon's moves to create walls. And when the wall space is over 80% compared to the maps, you will pass through that stage. Pac Xon himself can move on the walls he creates. At the beginning of stage 1, you will be given 3 lives and this life can increase as you progress through the following stages.

Pac's biggest obstacle is the monsters. If you hit them you will lose 1 life, when you lose your life you will fail on that stage. Most monsters will not be able to move through the wall, but as they advance to a higher stage, you will face the same difficulty as the number of monsters will be. Wall, there will be monsters that when touching the wall will eat a wall box at the location where it touches, there will be monsters moving extremely fast ...

But the game also brings another interesting thing for the player is the Power-up items. These are the fruits that when eaten in Pac Xon will have special abilities in a short amount of time:

  • Two red grapes: Help Pac Xon move faster in a short amount of time.
  • Orange: slows the movement of monsters in a short amount of time.
  • Strawberry: Makes monsters stand still for a short amount of time.
  • Especially the circular fruit that emits this type when consumed by monsters will evade Pac Xon because now if Pac Xon hits monsters, they will be able to eat monsters. Of course, this ability can only be maintained for a short period of time.

Note that in the closed space that Pac Xon created containing the monster in it, only the Pac Xon passage was transformed into a wall, but the space inside it would not be transformed into a wall.

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Use arrow keys to move Pac Xon.

Played 131 times
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