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When it comes to survival games, you might think about building your base or fighting against enemies, right? But, will give you a new and exciting playground that you never imagine it. Come with me and discover now!

This cool game simulates a series of constant tasks in your life. And your mission is to control a character to create his certain lifespan and then become the wealthiest and most influenced person.

In the beginning, you need to keep available meter bars up while doing other things to save up money. Let’s start by finding a job to make money. Just guide your character to enter an office or lab, and then he can work automatically. The more the character does, the more money he earns.

However, we all know that only working will make our mind down. It’s similar to your character. If his happiness is going down, and you don’t increase it soon, it affects his overall health. So, the best way is to bring him to a nearby bar so that his happy bar can be fulfilled.

You also pay attention to other bars such as Hungry, Sleep, and so on. Whenever recognizing any low bar, be quick to satisfy your character. For instance, if he feels hungry, you have to visit a nearby store or vending machines to buy some foods. Then enter his own inventory and give him the food to eat. Or in case he needs to sleep to recover, you should search for a cheap place instead of renting an expensive room. It’s because your character doesn’t have enough money right from the start. Got it?

After maintaining all the bars up, it’s time to make your character richer. Continue working more and save the money. Over time, you are able to buy some new clothes or some anti-depressants to keep the character always happy.

Last but not least, don’t forget to update other necessary things when your character levels up. Think carefully before choosing so that you can help him complete the main task of this game.

Don’t waste time anymore! Play now!

  • Move around – WASD or arrow keys
  • E or Space – interact with the game
  • M – open the map
  • Delete items – the right mouse
  • Enter – Chat
Played 271 times
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