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About navigate_next Nelly

Word Ruffle is a great puzzle game developed by DKM Software. Are you looking for a game with simple but challenging gameplay? This is the game for you. In this game, your mission is to find as many words as you can from the letters you are given. With each word, you will score points. So try to get as many points as possible.

Remember: the longer the word, the more points you will have. If you can find all the words in a level, you will get a large bonus. But you have only 3 minutes to play in each level. There are 3 levels in each game. The 1st level has 6 letter tiles to select, the 2nd level has 7 letters and the 3rd level has 8 letters. After each of the first two levels, you need to score at least 60% of the total points for that level or find a word that uses all letters in order to qualify for the next level.

If you prefer a longer (or shorter) time for each level, you can set the number of minutes in the initial splash screen. A setting of 0 minutes will play untimed; you will need to click the “End” button or press the “End” key to end a level. Only words in Word Ruffle dictionary are acceptable. To clear a partial word, you can press the “Clear” button. You can also click the “Last” button to fill in the last word submitted. Besides, you can click the “Ruffle” button to shuffle/ruffle the letters. Good luck and have fun!


About Nelly:

Nelly is a very interesting adventure game. This game has unique hand-drawn graphics, suitable for all ages. You can experience this game on your browser because it is a flash game.

The plot of this game is about Nelly. Nelly is a poor girl living with her father. Nelly is lonely and has no toys. One day, Nelly finds a beautiful butterfly and she decides to catch the butterfly. However, while chasing the butterfly, Nelly is lost in a fairy forest. Your adventure starts here.

Your task is to help Nelly overcome obstacles in the game and discover everything in her exciting adventure. You will have to jump over the big rocks, dodge the spike, use the wooden boxes to jump higher, collect the keys to open the mysterious chest ...

When opening the mysterious chest, Nelly will have a special ability. Experience the game to learn about this ability. Besides, the game also has save points so you don’t have to play the game again from the beginning.

If you like this game, you can also play others games with the same game play such as Minion Rush, Bob The Robber…

How To Play:

  • Use arrow keys to control.
  • Use space to do an action.
  • Use A to use special skill.

Tips and Tricks:

  1. You can play this game in full screen mode.
  2. You can pause/resume/restart and turn the sound on/off on the game screen.
Played 206 times
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