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Jelly Madness is a puzzle game with a cute art style. In this game, you use the mouse to click on the lines of candy that are next to each other in either a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line.

There are many stages in Jelly Madness and the challenges in this game are anything but easy. In each stage, there’s a different task and you’ll have a limited number of moves, if you exceed the number of moves given while you still haven’t completed the task then you’ll lose. And of course the stages will get harder as you progress.

Try to clear all the stages and get the highest score possible. You can also play similar games such as Pizza Rush,, Sweet Garden...



Welcome to, a very exciting and fascinating multiplayer shooting platformer .io game, guys! Wonderfully, it’s your great chance to shoot like crazy as well as experiencing a variety of weapons. Don’t hesitate anymore! Here we go!

In this game, your main request is to knock other players out to gain the top rank on the scoreboard and the only action is to shoot, shoot, and shoot. Hence, you need to guide your character to act quickly as soon as entering the platform.

Move, jump, run around and at the same time hold the first weapon tightly in order to aim and shoot anyone you catch on the screen. Keep in mind that you have to shoot continuously until defeating your opponent or try to perform an excellent headshot to kill them instantly. Besides, you must be clever and nimble to avoid their counter-attack or you might die sooner than them.

When fighting, remember tograb all available symbols including different kinds of weapons, ammo, and some necessary items. For instance, the Shield helps to prevent any bullet from touching your character. Or the Ghost makes him invisible for some seconds. Or you’re free to switch other weapons to increase your shooting damage.

In addition, don’t miss taking advantage of barrels via shooting towards them to create a big explosion. But, just do when your opponents are near the barrels.

Generally speaking, toacquire the last victory in this game, you need to be swift-handed and quick-eyed to shoot down as many players as possible. Since this is an endless battle, you have to battle until gaining a big crown. And that means you are on the top of the leaderboard.

How long can you keep this position? It’s time to enter and express what you have, guys! Wish you luck! 

How to control

  • Tap on WASD to control the character.
  • Press the left mouse to shoot.
  • Click E to use grenades.
  • Hit C to lie down.
  • Press R to reload.
  • Scroll the mouse or click 1-4 to change the weapons.

Tips and tricks

  1. The character’s health will increase automatically when moving around.
  2. Use available crates on the screen as a cover to protect your character and shoot behind them.
  3. The more headshot you perform, the more scores you get.
  4. The grenades are limited. So, be wise to use them for eliminating a group of opponents.
  5. Lying down helps you avoid the headshots from the others.


Played 265 times
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