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If makes you feel bored after a long fighting in outer space, why don’t you try another fantastic combat on the ground in Truly, this game is developed by a German company as a hobby project. And when studying about its name, it’s literally translated to “spheres” in English , though the character doesn’t look like the sphere at all.

As a basic 2D multiplayer shooting game, you are free to pick up three available game modes. To Death Match, the only request is to take out everyone else on the battlefield and gain the highest score on the leaderboard. Although the task in the Team Death Match is similar to the Death Match, you need to work as a team (Red or Blue) to bring your team on the top. The final mode is Capture the Flag. It’s quite interesting because your main objective is to steal other’s flag and which team gets 3 flags first will be the winner. One more exciting thing is that you are able to choose available maps with different terrains including Winter, Spring, City, or Desert.


Depending on your own desire, select one of the three modes and your preferred map right away. Then take a look at our clear instructions in such a way that you can control your cute character successfully. The left and right arrow keys or A and D keys are to move around while Spacebar is to jump. And when facing up to high walls, you need to tap the right mouse to release a rope. Remember to combine both Spacebar and the right mouse to make your character move with ease.

Of course, the main action is to shoot down the enemies. Since you just possess a bow and arrows, be quick to grab some available weapons on the screen to increase your shooting damage. Make sure you collect as many weapons as possible because if your gun is out of ammo, you need to pick it up again to reload. Hence, changing another weapon by scrolling the mouse is a must before finding the same gun. Besides, always take care of the health and try to grab many heart icons during the game. They’re extremely useful when your health is in an alerting state.

In brief, don’t miss playing one of the selected .io games that millions of the players are interested. Give the character a funny nickname, tap PLAY button and have fun, guys!

Played 247 times
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