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As an adventurous player, you are always looking for something slashing and raging, right? Have you ever heard, one of the latest online multiplayer 3D first person shooter web-based games? Aside from crazy gameplay, amazing graphics, stunning features, and tons of challenges, you also have a great chance to bump into many players all over the world, do your best to defeat them, and gain the highest score on the leaderboard like other .io games on our site.

  • Jump into a raft and head towards a 3D ocean filled with other ships and pirates. Then carry out your main task by using a cannon to aim and shoot down other ships before they attack you. However, to kill them, you need to learn how to steer your raft cleverly and control the cannon wisely by using WASD buttons on the keyboard. Additionally, don’t forget to utilize the mouse to aim and shoot whilst moving the cannon. If you feel weird when performing firstly, try to practice a bit before joining any battle.
  • Instead of showing your aggressiveness at the beginning, you need to be careful when moving towards. Remember to look around to determine where the enemies are. Then prepare some strategies in your mind to wipe out all the opponents easily. Especially, the game brings some AI  players with their large ships and cruel pirates to make the real players like you feel scared. The best way is to dodge and avoid letting any pirate on board before you have enough power to counter attack.
  • Ah, one interesting thing that you should know is all about the connection between the captain and crew. As the captain, you need to gather some crews to increase your shooting power. As the crew, try to show your ability to collect more money for buying the new raft and then break up from your captain.
  • No matter which character you are, don’t get killed until climbing up the first position on the leaderboard of! Good luck to you!
Played 262 times
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