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You’re interested in playing Capture the Flag with your friends at school, aren’t you? But, do you think that you can play this game online? Of course, you can if you enter here and enjoy


This cool game offers two fantastic modes that you should study carefully before picking one.

Deathmatch Mode - Play Solo

The main request is to capture and keep a flag as long as possible. The longer you hold, the more score you can get.

The flag will be placed in the middle of a map.

No matter where you start, be quick to guide your character (JUKER) to reach there soon.

If you’re the first person who catch the flag, you will become the flag carrier. That means you will face up to dozens of rivals. One certain thing is that you need to wipe out them before they can kill you.

In case you are killed, the flag will belong to the one who kill you. Or if you die unexpectedly, the flag will automatically fly back its previous position.

Generally, what you should do in this mode is to fight to the last breath so that you can protect the flag in the longest time.

Classic Mode – Play as a Team

This mode is perfect for those who prefer to play with the others. Since you have no right to pick up your team, wait and see which team you will be in.

The major task is to assist your teammates to gain 3 points before the opposing ones. Via capturing the opponent’s flag, you easily get a point. At the same time, you have to protect your team’s flag.

Keep in mind that you only get the point when your flag is placed safely in the base.

Aside from picking the mode, you also receive a great chance to select the kind of JUKER. If opting for Bomber, you can guide him to explode bombs within 1.5 seconds. Meanwhile, the Rocket can increase his speed in only 2 seconds. Or you can choose the Cactus since he has an awesome capacity in defending and dashing.

What’s more, offers an array of amazing power-ups that you easily discover while moving around the map. They include Skates (get a quick speed), Swords (get rid of a rival), and Shields (protect your JUKER from fire).

All sound great, right? Enter the main screen of and enjoy now!

Played 113 times
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