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Heavy Town Truck

90 plays
About navigate_next Heavy Town Truck

Have you ever controlled a truck before? It sounds interesting to ride a big truck and feel like the biggest man on the road. With Heavy Town Truck, your wish will come true. Heavy Town Truck is an amazing racing game with Driving elements that will bring you from shock to shock.

Before jumping into the play field, you have to customize you truck by choosing the main and second colors. So whatever you want your truck to look like, it might be a hot or cool colored or a mixed one. After finishing the Customization, you will immediately be brought into a wide parking lot where your truck is parked among several cars.

Your task is controlling the car by using your keyboard and going around the streets to tow and pick up broken vehicles. As soon as you touch the keyboard, make sure that you are not going to hit the other surrounding objects such as cars, houses or boxes and fill up the damage bar in the lower right corner of the screen. As soon as the damage bar is fulfilled, your game is over. Controlling your truck might be pretty challenging at first but after a short amount of time after you get used to the game, the game world is your!

No matter how long you survive in the game, your score will be counted as you will see it on the screen after you finish your game. Heavy Town Truck is a wonderful game which will fill your gaming experience with realistic sounds and effects. The arrow keys can be used to drive while Spacebar is for handbrake. Prepare for one of the most realistic game in the world!

  • The arrow keys are in use for you to move your truck and the spacebar is helpful when you want to stop since it works as a handbrake.
Played 90 times
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