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G Switch

442 plays
About navigate_next G Switch

G Switch is an endless runner type game developed by Vasco Freitas. In this game, up to 6 players can play together. The way to play this game is simple, as your only goal is to get your character running as far as you can to score as many points as possible and have your name written on the online leaderboard. Depending on the player’s position, there are different buttons for switching lanes, press on the required button to change lanes.  

In this game, you can only run on the metal roads and will have to switch between said metal roads to avoid running into the obstacles and getting flung out because you don’t have the ability to jump over them. What makes it really difficult for the players are stretches of road that have obstacles in the way as well as spaces that if walked into will make you fall out of metal road and lose. There are also gates that when passed will make you slower and stretches of roads that when walked on will make you run faster...

This game has many modes :

  • Regular mode: a 1 player mode where the road has an end point for you to reach.
  • Endless mode: a 1 player mode where the road is endless and is for players who want to get a high score and have their names on the online leaderboard.
  • Multiplayer mode: a mode where multiple players can compete against each other and up to 6 players can play.

Beside this game, there are also the sequels titled G Switch 2 and G Switch 3 which have a different play style being that instead of running horizontally, you run vertically.

  • Use 0 to mute.
  • Use left mouse or X to play.
  • Use + or – to control volume sound.
  • Player 1 use X to run and switch lanes.
  • Player 2 use A to run and switch lanes.
  • Player 3 use M to run and switch lanes.
  • Player 4 use 3 to run and switch lanes.
  • Player 5 use Ctrl to run and switch lanes.
  • Player 6 use right arrow to run and switch lanes.
  • Use Enter to start.
Played 442 times
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