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First Person Tetris

411 plays
About navigate_next First Person Tetris

First Person Tetris is the latest version of classic Tetris arcade game - one of the most brilliant game that according to IGN - a popular game review site in the world is that: “It's a brilliant game. Nintendo made one of the best moves in the history of the gaming industry by pairing the new portable with this spectacular puzzler, as Tetris was a perfect fit for play on the go – tons of people got hooked on this game 20 years ago. Seriously, it was a phenomenon. You think Angry Birds is huge today? That was Tetris back at the dawn of the '90s. A megaton hit.” (Source: IGN)

This game is developed by David Kraftsow. The game is built with Flash, so it runs in any modern browsers. It is not like other arcade games, instead of rotating the pieces, you are now rotating the world.

The main attraction of First Person Tetris is the player's visual placement in front of the screen also moves with the block. That makes it more difficult to track each block's position. You have more challenges with that game.

There are two modes:

  • Normal mode: You are placed in front of a realistic NES setup
  • Night mode: Turn everything except the blocks pitch black
  • The existential crisis mode: Zoom the screen in on the active block
  • Arrow keys to move blocks
  • Spacebar is to rotate the block. But you cannot rotate counterclockwise.
  • Enter to drop a piece
Played 411 times
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