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About navigate_next Dynamons

Dynamons is a pet battle type game. In this game, you play as a trainer on a quest to train your Dynamons to become stronger and win against other trainers and even encounter wild Dynamons.

Starting out, the game will let you choose 1 of 3 Dynamons, each with different strengths, weaknesses and skills.

The interesting thing in Dynamons is when battling wild Dynamons, you can catch them if they have been weaken in battle enough. When you win a battle, your Dynamons will receive EXP and eventually level up, become stronger and learn new skills.

Remember that after each battle, your Dynamons will lose health so you’ll have to use Hearts to heal them, but you need to use then conservatively as the game will only give you 1 Heart every 30 minutes.


Use the mouse to control the Dynamons and move your character.

Played 202 times
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