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Diamond Hollow 2

255 plays
About navigate_next Diamond Hollow 2

Diamond Hollow 2 is an addictive platform adventure game made by PegasGames and Author Arkeus. The soundtracks are very excellent. Let's see if you think like this player “This game is 80% fun and 20% banging your head on the ceiling like an idiot, looking for secret passages.”

In this online game, you will be trapped at the bottom of a cave. The first thing you see is a smart gun, Befriending, and you start your ascent to freedom.

It is the walkthrough. The game’s primary mode is a 7 chapter story mode. There are also several other modes planned. The story mode will be the place you begin your game. The objective of each chapter is to reach the top and fight the boss at the end.

Bosses will be stronger monsters with different abilities that will be harder to defeat. Among the levels are the checkpoints, so even if a boss provides a challenge for you, you won’t play the whole level again.

You will find new equipment, including four different guns, the range of x-ray allows you to explore the secret area, suitable for you to temporarily survive in the lava and boots that will enable you to double (and triple) jump.

You will also have many hidden items at the levels to search heart and diamond locations. You will get heart crystals to maximize your health and all red diamonds to collect to unlock unique modes.

In the options menu, you can turn off music and sound, change the text speed, and change the control scheme.

  • You can use your mouse or WASD keys to control the game.
Played 255 times
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