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Carnival Tycoon FastPass

118 plays
About navigate_next Carnival Tycoon FastPass

Carnival Tycoon FastPass is a wonderful management game, powered by Funciton. Welcome to Carnival Tycoon, you are the new manager of the local carnival. To win this game, you need to build all attractions. No one will give you attractions for free, first you must make profit from your carnival by multiple different businesses (build stalls, hire staff, and manage your finances). Note that the happiness of your guest is the key to success.

Before starting the game, you have to choose the difficulty (easy, normal, and hard). You need to build your first stall. Stalls sell items to your guest. It’s important, to build at least some stalls to fit the basic needs of your guests: eating, drinking and restroom. Your guests walk on paths through your part to your stalls and attractions. So, you need some paths with benches, trashcans or street lamps.

Balloons and caps increase the guest’s happiness. Don’t forget to change the price of your stall items to make some cash. Guests love to ride your attractions. To build a new attraction, you’ll have to choose a nice place, build an entrance and an exit. You also have to connect the entrance to a path using a queue, and build a path to the exit and change the entrance fees to earn more money. Another important thing to keep your guests happy is scenery. And to run a successful carnival, you’ll have to hire some staff. There are two types of staff: mechanics and worker. Good luck and have fun!

  • Use mouse to play in this game.
Played 118 times
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