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Bullet Heaven

126 plays
About navigate_next Bullet Heaven

Bullet Heaven is a great action game developed by kupo707. In this game, your mission is to fight against hundreds of enemies and get to the destination safely. You play on a vertical screen and you shoot fireballs and stars on enemies to destroy them. The game has 25 levels, with each level bringing you a different challenge. And at the final level, you'll have to face off with a powerful boss.

Before starting the game, you get to select between 2 characters: Matt: main shots go straight, close range sub attack pierces through foes and starts off with an extra bomb. NoLegs: main shots spread out, slow but powerful sub attack can either be focused or spread out like the main shots. Bullet Heaven has 3 more characters, but you must complete certain missions to unlock them.

In each level, you face hundreds of different enemies. They are ugly monsters that will attack you. Each time you touch an enemy, you lose a heart. When you lose all of your heart, the game ends. Whenever you kill a monster, power-ups fall off of them. Bullet Heaven has 4 different power-ups: money lets you buy upgrades; sword makes you shoot faster; shield reflects enemy bullets for a while; heart recovers one point of health each. Upgrade as soon as you can. The game has a lot of things for you to upgrade such as Max Hit Points, Main Weapon, Sub Weapon, Base Damage and Movement Speed. Good luck and have fun!

  • Use the mouse to move.
  • Use Shift to focus.
  • Use Z to use main weapon and X to use sub weapon.
  • Use C or Space to use bomb.
Played 126 times
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