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Bad Ice Cream 3

330 plays
About navigate_next Bad Ice Cream 3

Bad Ice Cream 3 is the finale of the “Ice Cream” series. The challenges in this game will be the hardest you’ve ever come across in the whole series.  

In “Bad Ice Cream 3”, the rules are still as they were in previous games, but now the skills of the enemies you face off against is the most powerful it’s ever been. And if in “Bad Ice Cream 2” you only have to deal with treacherous terrain, now the terrain can even turn into enemies that stand in your way of collecting fruit. But it doesn’t end there as in some levels, there will be many enemies moving around guarding the fruit. Those level will require you to be precise and have good timing so that you can sneak your way to the fruit’s location.

Don’t forget to invite a friend over so both of you can play “Bad Ice Cream 3” together.

  • Player 1 uses the Arrow keys and Player 2 uses the WASD keys to control the Ice Cream.
  • Player 1 can create or break the ice using the “Space” key and player 2 using the “F” key.
Played 330 times
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