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Armed with Wings – Culmination

158 plays
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Armed with Wings - Culmination is another title in this action game series, developed by Sun Studio. Welcome back to the Armed With Wings series. In this version, you’re a being that has tremendous power and your goal is to defeat Vandheer Lorde. However, in order to battle him, you need to overcome his trials. Can you defeat Vandheer Lorde with the power that you have?

At the beginning of the game, Vandheer Lorde tells you that he doesn’t like fighting with children making you very angry. You’ll need to cross complex terrains, deadly traps and defeat Vandheer Lorde's minions. You need to go to the last place Vandheer Lorde was at and fight him there. Along the way, you will face up against many aggressive monsters, demons and flaming dragons.

The game has 2 modes: Normal and Hard. You need to complete 15 levels in Normal Mode to unlock the Hard Mode. An interesting point in Armed with Wings - Culmination is that you have multiple flashy combo skills. To use them, you have to combine WASD control inputs together. Along the way, you can collect Orbs to revitalize you. In addition, the game also has interesting achievements, such as complete culmination without dying, kill all enemies and collect 100 orbs. Now, it's time for you to enter the game. Good luck and have fun!

  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Use WASD to attack.
Played 158 times
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